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bgm_sockpuppets's Journal

Black Gate Sockpuppets
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This is the community for character ljs (sock puppets!) for the zany folks on blackgate.

Uses for the Community:

1. To share snippets of fun roleplay. (Though bestposes is still recommended for longer snippets.)

2. To shout out to others about possible tinyplots and ideas for roleplay.

3. To continue scenes that have been frozen for awhile because people's time schedules have been off.

4. To collect the number of ljs out there dedicated to the fun and whacky characters on Black Gate MUX and provide an outlet for the insanity.

Questions, theme updates, OOC silliness and QOOCs, artist renditions of their characters, beastiary and flora additions, and other non-IC related foo should still be put on the blackgate community. This community is mostly geared toward the IC stuff going on that can't always be finished in a specific time frame or that others just want to share ... because it's fun!