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OOC. Been offline for a long stretch. - Black Gate Sockpuppets

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November 8th, 2005

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03:21 am - OOC. Been offline for a long stretch.
Well, I've been without internet for a very long stretch, but I'm back with my own place and now an internet connection!
Though from what I've gathered so far it looks as though BGM has seen better days than the current- Is there anyone still active around on it? What happened? Or is it just because it's the middle of the night here that it seems empty? Did the site change? The homepage that I have a link for doesn't seem to go anywhere useful now. I sincerely hope the Mux is not as dead as it seems, even though I hardly touched this LJ to show it and attendance interrupted, I did indeed enjoy my time there.
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Date:November 8th, 2005 01:17 pm (UTC)
For the most part, the MUX is defunct now. Everyone's gone their seperate ways.

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